We care for our Planet.​



We use ECONYL® a fabric made of regenerated nylon, helping to turn trash into amazing high quality swimwear. ECONYL® fibre is created from unwanted waste from oceans and landfill around the world such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastics. Using a radical regeneration process the nylon is brought back to its original purity and can be used to produce new products. Our ECONYL® yarn is sourced from Italy, where it is evaluated as a high quality, durable and sustainable techno-fibre.

As well as being an solution on waste , the regenerated nylon is also better when it comes to climate change. It reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up 80% compared with the regular material from oil.

As our fabric is mainly made of recycled plastic, it has the capability the release tiny micro-fibers into the water system when washed. To combat this issue we recommend the GuppyFriend bag. Simply wash any synthetic fabrics in the bag, capture the micro-plastics and empty them into your bin to stop them entering the water system. Please follow our wash & care instructions in the tag inside our pieces in order to make your swimwear last for years.

What about the future? ECONYL® fibre is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable when alone. When it comes to swimwear, ECONYL® fibre is mixed with Elastane as the fabric needs some stretch. Our fabric is 78% ECONYL® fibre and 22% Elastane what means that for now, due to the mix fibers, the fabric isn't recyclable. Our goal is to turn our pieces 100% recyclable and alongside our manufacturer we are working towards a circular production. The end goal is to be able to take back your used Conscious pieces and recycle them it into amazing new pieces. The technology is still in development and we will let you know when this vision becomes a reality.


We produce all pieces locally in our Lisbon Atelier with a team local seamstresses that combine more than 40 years of experience in swimwear. Using local workers allows us to be involved in the whole production process as well as ensure that there's the least possible waste in materials. We have a close relationship with our team and we make sure that they are ethically treated and paid above the minimum wage. This close relationship helps us ensure the most high-quality items are produced without compromising work ethics.


We are as vigilant about our packaging as we are about our pieces themselves. We research and source the most sustainable materials we can find and we never use more than needed. 

Our boxes are as tiny as possible and they are recycled and recyclable. We use paper recycled tape instead of regular plastic tape. Our labels are also recycled and recyclable and to attach them we use a 100% biodegradable cotton rope. Our cards are only used when necessary and they are 100% recycled from post-consumer waste. There is no plastic involved in the process, even when shipping as we use home-compostable shipping bags. 


We offer a carbon-neutral shipping solution worldwide with DHL Go Green.

1% for the planet

“Today, only 3% of philanthropy goes toward environmental giving.” ​

Giving USA

"I've always knew that I wanted to use Conscious as a platform to create a positive impact in the world. Not only by using recycled materials and ethical practices, I wanted it to be involved in something bigger. I wanted to "walk the talk" and help non-profit organizations that need help to do what they do best: save the world.

That's why I submitted Conscious to be a member of 1% of the Planet and donate 1% of our sales to environmental causes."​

- Joana Silva, Founder Conscious the label

About 1% for the Planet

Launched by Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia, and Craid Mathew, former owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, 1% for the Planet is a non-profit organization. Its role is to connect sponsors and companies with associations working for our environment on a daily basis and in a concrete way. ​

With a recognizable label and a simple message, 1,600 members have joined the organization in more than 40 countries. Since its creation in 2012, 1% for the Planet has continued to grow and more than 175 million euros have been donated to environmental associations specialized in the protection of wildlife, flora, animals, ocean etc. 

How do the donations work?

At the end of every fiscal year we choose to which organizations we want to donate our money and time (also through volunteer work) to one or more of 1% for the Planet non-profit organizations.

At Conscious we try to have a local impact by choosing Portuguese non-profit organizations mainly connected to ocean causes. 

Stay tuned to know more about our environmental work through our instagram page. 

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"All the trends and no nasties. Every Conscious piece is cut and sewn by hand in the brand’s Lisbon atelier. As such, all of its models are limited due to fabric availability. Shipped in sustainable packaging and made of 78% recycled plastic from ocean waste, Conscious is raising the bar in sustainable swimwear."

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